The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Belize (ICAB) was established by the Accountancy Profession Act in November 1, 1984.  ICAB’s vision is to build a cohesive accountancy body of professionals, of the highest technical competence and integrity to promote and protect the public good.  The Institute’s mission is to promote, foster and maintain international standards of accounting and to safeguard and enhance the professional standing and reputation of members.

As the governing authority for chartered accountants in Belize, the objectives of the Institute, as established in the Belize Accountancy Profession Act are:

 To regulate the ethics, discipline, professional conduct and standards of its members and students.

 To promote and increase the knowledge, skill and proficiency of its members and students.

 To promote and protect the welfare and interest of the Institute and the accountancy profession in Belize.

 To make provision for the training, education and examination of persons engaging in or intending to engage in the said profession.

 To advise and assist the Government of Belize, statutory bodies, educational or charitable institutions, trade unions, business and other professional organizations upon any question within the province of the profession.

 To promote and foster relations with other professional bodies in Belize and elsewhere for the purpose of better achieving the objects of the Institute, and to subscribe to and join or associate with regional and other national professional organizations whose objects are not inconsistent with those of the Institute.

 To do all things which are incidental to the aforesaid objects or which the Institute may think conducive to the attainment of those objects or any of them.